Benchwheel 3600W Electric Skateboard



BENCHWHEEL electric skateboard dual-motor drive sino-wave controlled skateboard on-road longboard

Specification Packing



Net weight 7.9kg Export standard carton
Product size 37in*9.4in*11in
Packaging 97cm*31cm*20cm
Deck Material 3 layers bamboo
2 layers fiber glass
1*Dual four wheels
BENCHWHEEL electric scooter
Size 920mm*240mm
Battery Pack Capacity Type 8.8AH
Type Lithium-Ion 1*Power Supply Charge
Weight 1320g
Charge Time 3-4 hours
Rechargeable 1000 times 1*User’s Manual
Motor Pack Type Brushless
direct current
Power 1800w Dual motor
Wheel Material High performance PU 1*Remote Control
Dimensions 80mm*45mm
Hardness 78a



Capacity 800mA
Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Time 1.5h

Issue Possible reasons Solution
Failure to start unit Battery out of power Longboard: Please charge immediately.It
generally takes 3 to 4 hours.
Remote controller: Please charge immediately.
It generally takes 2 hours.
Plug cable is loose Ensure that the cable to the charger and the wall is firmly plugged in.
If it appears,
plug in the charger can starting up, unplug the case can not starting up
Please consult your dealer or manufactory
Riding time/
curise duration
is short
Battery are not fully charged Please fully charge the longboard battery. It
generally takes 3 hours to fully charge the unit
Battery isn’t charging Please check the electricity in the socket
The average battery life is between 1 to 2 years depending on condition and use.
Replace only with longboard replacement batteries.
If battery are fully charged,
A phenomenon that has accelerated the loss of power.
Please consult your dealer or manufactory
Longboard doesn’t run Indicator ③ or ④ flashing on
remote controller indicates
no connection to longboard
Start up longboard
Indicator on longboard flashing
(not match pair)
indicates a fault in longboard
Please consult your dealer or manufactory
A flashing indicator ⑦ indicates a low battery capacity Please charge the longboard
When indicator ⑦ pulses on and off slowly,the controller is out of battery power Please charge the remote controller
Indicator on longboard flashing (not press the key to the pair)
indicates a fault in longboard
Please consult your dealer or manufactory
Auto power-off Battery power insufficient Please charege the longboard
The longboard and remote
will automatically power if left
unused for 30 minutes
Press the power buttyon on the longboard and
the remote to start the unit


1.How much mileage of Battery life?

A:20km (this data is in cruise mode, on the smooth ground ,60 kg body weight by 10 to 15km/h speed measured). Your weight more than 60 kg, ground is not smooth , speed fast and slow, the mileage corresponding will reduce.

2.Can the motor turning and reversing?A:When you stop, press the key on the remote control, can change the direction of the road, you can change the motor forward or reverse, And change the precursor and rear drive.

3.How long will it take to use the wheel?

A:Just like the skateboard’s wheels, the wheels are wearing parts, someone use for 5 years,someone use for 5 months is bad, this is how do you use it .the wheel/plate/bridge /synchronous belt is wearing parts.

4.Will the remote control be disturbed by other electronic equipment that can not be transmitted in a timely manner?

A: Yes. For example, security X-ray detection machine will be disturbed. Once again to pair . press the remote control’s power button and skateboard’s power button, when you hear drip drip drip ,it success .Then restart .

5.Can take electric skateboard on the plane? How to travel abroad?

A: Electric skateboard is not to be taken on the plane because the electric scooter lithium battery (210Wh) more than 160Wh, Overseas customers need to contact their own forwarding company.

6.Does the governor board have a low voltage protection for the battery? Is it a power down or slow down?

A: equipped with low voltage protection, deceleration, 3.2 cut-off.

7.Can sliding as the ordinary skateboard when it has no electricity ?A:Yes

8.Is there any indication of the remote control charging?

A:Remote control charging will be alternately flashes green and red light,(charger generally charge once a week,after the pair shows a skateboard power remote control)

Tire Size





1000 times


Brushless direct current

Capacity Type



3 layers bamboo 2 layers fiber glass

Charging Time


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Range Per Charge


Model Number



Four-wheel Scooter



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